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Unique, challenging, targeted.

NEW -Tornado500

Neck, shoulder and upper back tension relief.

Supine leg x-over

Mobilise those hips

Supine leg circles on elbows

Full circles - lots of shoulder and butt work

Moving plank

Full rotation. This is full shoulder circles. Lots of core and triceps work. Say goodbye to bye-bye arms!

Side Step

Unusual - lateral core and hip stability

Reverse leg circles

A challenging move to say the least!

Leg circles

Double leg circles in both directions


Arm Rotation - triceps and shoulder activation

Back sculpture

from using the Tornado. WOW!

Bent Over

with Shoulder Turn to stretch the lateral spine muscles


Alternating leg half rotations

Arm Rotation

A 'pretzel' showing great use of the handles.

Inner thigh toning

Gluteus medius and maximus

Great for golfers


Outer thigh definition after 4 and 8 weeks.
Only 4 days/week, 6 minutes per day!

Inner/Outer Thighs

Adductors and abductors

Terrific for tennis players

Reduce hip discomfort

Butt toning

Gluteus medius and maximus

Reduce back strain

Reverse Turns

A client using a different Tornado
(all metal) in the studio

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