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My hips no longer trouble me after a round as they once did. I have never felt so comfortable in my golf swing, thanks to the Tornado-360.

Ian C.

Years ago I had a serious accident where I had pins put in my right hip. After using the Tornado for several months, I can now cross my right leg over my left for the first time in years!!

Heather T.

After using the Tornado for only a few minutes I could feel a stretch in my lower back that I couldn't achieve with the reformer. Your range of motion goes way above and beyond what you can imagine. Using all of your muscles in a different way. This really compliments pilates and results can be felt right after your first use. I highly recommend this to everyone.

Tracy D.

Pilates by Tracy


The Tornado is perfect for toning and strengthening muscles


The Tornado is the ideal piece of equipment for any athlete to maintain mobility and strength in ALL parts of the body for all sports.

Golf, Tennis, Baseball, etc

The Tornado's ability to rotate the spine and hips like no other exercise machine, makes it ideal for such sports, improving power and accuracy.


As we age, out spine become more compressed (Degenerative Disc Disease). Consequently, the Tornado is perfect for the older population to stay in shape and also gain cardio benefits, without excessive exertion.

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