The Tornado360 is the brain child of Allan Menezes, the pioneer of the Pilates and Gyrotonic Methods in Australia and the southern hemisphere.
He is also the founder of the Pilates Institute of Australasia which runs training course and workshops (on-line and face-to-face).

The (patent-pending) Tornado-360 was developed in during Sydney’s Covid lockdown of October 2021. It has since undergone various design adaptations to create a unique, portable device that rotates the spine, arms, legs and core while toning all these muscles at these same time. 

It is perfect for home use as well as for athletes wishing to improve their athletic performance. As it is a NO-IMPACT item, it is also perfect for physical rehabilitation under correct supervision.

Currently available for delivery only in Australia. Worldwide distribution coming in 2023.
DISCLAIMER: Check with your healthcare provider before using the Tornado-360


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