History of the Tornado-360

The Tornado-360 is the brain child of long-time Pilates physical rehabilitation specialist, Allan Menezes.
Allan is the pioneer of Pilates and Gyrotonic* in Australia and the southern hemisphere.
He received a serious, life changing back injury while playing rugby at University in Canada in the late 70s. Allan then stumbled upon one of the first Pilates studios in London while studying for his Masters degree. This fixed his back in a matter of months. He studied under the tutelage of Pilates Master Trainer, Alan Herdman and then emigrated to Australia and opened the first studio in 1986.
He wrote the best-selling, “Complete Guide to the Pilates Method” which was then followed with one of the world’s first training course in the Pilates Method. Over the years, Allan found that the ‘original’ method lacked specific detail in its teaching techniques. Consequently he developed the Menezes Method, a more bio-mechanical approach to the century old method with 13 Menezes Pilates DVDs
Working on his passion for specific movement and rehabilitation, the Tornado-360 was developed during Sydney’s Covid lockdown in October 2021.
It’s appeal has been overwhelming amongst Allan’s clients, as well as athletes, tennis players, golfers and the general public. And it’s story of success continues….


Tornado is a Registered Trademark of Allan Menezes and Tornado Health.
*Gyrotonic is a trademark of the Gyrotonic Corp USA




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